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Nummy Num Num is now on “The Facebook,” y’all!

Hey there Nummyphiles! This is not a recipe but rather a shameless request for you to “Like” us. Because there is an ever-present onslaught of Nummy-related content that we never actually get to put on the blog, we’ve decided to try out this newfangled technology called “The Facebook” (to quote Paul Akin).

We’ve made a Nummy Num Num page, and we’d be ever in your gratitude if you’d amble on over and “Like” us, mmmkay? We’re thinking it will be yet another place we can share and talk and bask in the fat-girl-goodness. Feel free to post any good food or recipe-related links there, and remember, you don’t have to know how to blog to contribute. Holla at us via e-mail if you’ve got any good recipes, and we’ll make it look pretty and sound stupid like most of our posts tend to do. See ya on The Book!


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