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Crazymaker Cake Balls


You might think I’m titling these cake balls “crazymaker” because you’ll be made “craaaaazy by how good they are!” or something equally infomercially. You would be wrong. I am titling them this because every time I’ve made them, they’ve made me a few shades more insane.

On the face of it, this recipe is simple. And in reality, I think it once was for me because I remember making literally 7 different varieties of these when I worked at the state capitol. For some reason, though, the last time I made these, my kitchen and Ripley were covered in batter and sadness by the time it was all said and done.

Nonetheless, you dessert folk get seriously neglected here at Nummy, so I’m trying to throw you a sugar bone. If you actually make the cake/icing mixture ahead of time and refrigerate it, the step where you dip the balls in melted chocolate might not make you postal.

1 box cake mix + ingredients to make it
1 container icing
1 bag of chocolate (white, dark, whatever)

  1. Make the cake according to package directions. Cool and crumble.
  2. Stir in icing until cake and icing mixture is smooth and creamy. CHILL.
  3. Melt chocolate in the dreaded double-boiler. (Or ANY OTHER WAY to melt chocolate if you know one.)
  4. Roll into balls and dip into chocolate. Place on parchment paper to dry and lightly dust with sprinkles.

You know, as I wrote this up, I remembered that it was actually enjoyable to see the finished product of these things, especially with fun flavor combinations like carrot cake and cream cheese frosting with orange sprinkles. Cute as sh*t, no?


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King Cake (from a Can)

Happy Fat Tuesday!  I am sad to say that I am not blacked out in a tutu scouring the streets for coconuts/beads/booze/hand grenades right now. Instead I am in my office, working on powerpoint and holding very important conference calls.

Anyways, I am not a baker but thought it necessary to have a seasonal Mardi Gras king cake post today.  For that I turned to dear friend Chef Courtney who brought this over to my Saints Superbowl 2010 party.  This recipe may even be more semi-homemade than boozebag Sandra can handle.   I have tasted it (actual photo attached), and it was delicious!  If you want to be fancy and actually bake your king cake, I suggest using John Besh’s recipe. – ts

Chef Courtney says: This recipe is simple and dee-licious. Allows for more time drinking and catching beads.

5-6 cans Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
Icing & sprinkles

  1. Unroll all of the cinnamon rolls and braid them in a circle.
  2. Decorate with icing on the top and accent with gold, green and purple sprinkles!
  3. Add a baby or some change in there.
  4. Cook according to instructions, and you’re done!

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