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Guava Gays

Après ski week, drinks edition…I can attest to the beauty of this drink after a long day of skiing or maybe just in your apartment on a Sunday afternoon. I may or may not be on my 5th one right now. The attached photo is legit in front of Chef John’s ski house. His family loves this drink and so will you. -ts

Chef John says: I know it looks like a boat drink but somehow my family has been able to convert it into an après ski drank. We love our booze and will stop at nothing to make every drink appropriate for every occasion, especially drinks this good. The drink’s origins are authentic boat drink, being crafted by my dad down in the Virgin Islands roughly ten years ago. However, these days we pour these little guys with a heavy hand after a hard day of skiing. Proceed with caution though, the guava masks the rum almost a little too well. Let’s get weird.

Kern’s Nectar Guava Juice
Mount Gay Rum
(I highly suggest using these brands as I’ve mixed and matched a lot and found these to be the best combo)

  1. Fill tall glass with ice to the top.  Mix equal parts guava juice and rum into tall glass of ice. Leave about one inch of room at top to add a floater of rum for a little extra kick.

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Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

This is not a recipe but a flat-out endorsement. Tanya found this website that make the prettiest jello shots I have ever seen.

Seriously, this elevates drunken party fodder to a whole new level. It also gives me hope that other redneck/trashy/low-rent things I love (pork rinds, cocktail weenies, jerky of any kind) can become classy in the right hands.You better believe I’m getting to work on canned, smoked oysters right now…

You can check out all their wonderful creations here, but don’t miss the Spiked Ribbon Salad and Espresso Martini Jelly Shot (pictured below).


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Agua De Jamaica

This delicious hibiscus Cooler crossed the border of Mexico with a satchel packed with refreshing taste.  This drink is made from a ruby-red Hibiscus flower known as the Jamaica (pronounced ha-MIKE-ah in Spanish).  The Jamaica flower can be found in many natural food stores, farmer markets, and spanish grocery stores, howeverthis flower is known to be elusive, so stay sharp. 


2 quarts of water, or as needed

2 cups Jamaica flowers (hibiscus)

1 1/4 cups sugar, plus as needed

3 medium oranges cut in half


1.  Boil water.  Add the hibiscus and sugar, stir while the mixture boils for 1 min.

2.  squeeze the juice from the oranges into a non-corrosive bowl and place the orange halves into the bowl as well.  Pour the hibiscus mixture into the bowl and steep for 1 hour.

3.  Strain through a sieve, pressing on the hibiscus and oranges to extract as much liquid as possible.  Taste the liquid for strength and sweetness.  If it is too pungent, add water.   If it is too tart, add sugar.  Cover and refrigerate in a pitcher until ready to serve.

4.  For Crunk, add Vodka or Rum


Dr. BrownHands

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