It’s simple: Post recipes you like here so you’ll have them wherever you go. Even though there is a distinct charm to dog-eared, sauce splattered cookbook pages, we live in a world where “the Internets” have taken over, and frankly I can’t cart all my books up and down the road all the time. So post your faves and tag them accordingly and we’ll all be able to sufficiently stuff our faces at a moment’s notice.

The name comes from my brothers constantly poking me in the belly and making the Pillsbury Doughboy “hehe!” sound while whispering “Nummy Num Num” in my ear throughout my childhood. But don’t judge them – I used to eat sticks of butter like lollipops, so they were really doing me a service.

Also, most of these pictures were totally stolen from the Internet because I don’t actually get weird and photograph my food all that often. Sorry copyright enforcers. You got me.

2 responses to “About

  1. I looked up a mushroom soup recipe by Ina garten and was upset regarding the references to Ina’s lifestyle.

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