5 to Follow: Socially Savvy Nashville Restaurants

So I’m totally hijacking a post I wrote on my work blog in the hopes of cross-pollinating some audiences here, so please bear with me. This doesn’t have a recipe in it, but it does have some good eats, so click on over there if you want to read it all. And if you get a second, follow Parthenon’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. I update them, so chances are if you like this nonsense, you’ll fit right in there as well.

Tavern Burger with Fried Egg

“Recently Nashville has become a major player on the national culinary stage. And as any good Music City resident knows, when you step into the spotlight, you have to step up your social media.

People are passionate about food, and they love to talk about it with the chefs who create their favorite dishes. Because social media creates communities of foodies and food makers, some of the best Nashville restaurants are fostering those connections on Facebook and Twitter.”

Click here to read about the five best.

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