Top Chef: Episode 15 – Finale

I realize this is a little pointless at this stage of the game, but in the name of my OCD, we’re gonna finish strong.

I checked the original scoring setup, and a contestant gets 15 points for winning the final challenge and 10 points for making it to the finale, so this episode doesn’t shake things up too much. They also both cried in this episode, but to be honest, I forgot to deduct those points, so we’ll all just have to deal.

So ToddCity made a late run for it, despite the fact he told me last weekend he hasn’t watched one episode since the premier.

But I have watched all of them multiple times, so I feel this victory is well-earned. And Paul is just too adorable to live, so I couldn’t be happier.

If you fools haven’t sent me your money yet, please do that. I’m not gonna hunt you down, but may your grommet-ness weigh heavily on you if you don’t pay!

Until next season…

Chef Scorecard:



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