Top Chef: Episode 4 – Chili Out

Hey there, Foodophiles! Once again, it’s the 11th hour, and I’m just getting around to the standings for last week. Between the stuffing, family pictures and magnums of wine, it’s been a full week. Event- and tummy-wise. So you’re getting it when you get it.

Anywho, did anyone else enjoy immensely when little Chuy Chihuahua was running around yelling “arrrrrrrrrrrrriba!” about the chile challenge and then he got his ass handed to him in the bottom three? Because I did. And so did Hot Chris Crary.

And how about m’boy Paul being rewarded for basically just not being a huge pansy? I love those quasi-are-they-aren’t-they-lesbians from Top Chef Masters. They are the best. And Beverly is THE WORST.

Anyway, below you’ll find the scores for episode 4 and the final totals for both episodes. (These are on the same scorecard because I’ve decided two documents a week is my limit, so the scores in the body of the chart are for this episode, but the totals are cumulative. Also I forgot that terrible Beverly cried last week, so she’s getting double-docked for that and somehow CRYING AT A RODEO.)

Episode 4 – Chef Scorecard:And drumroll please… the standings going into Episode 5 are:

So big ups to Dunny for coming out on top! ADub is right on her heels, and then we’ve got Mrs. Davies-Rhodes and Mr. Pitts bringing up the rear.

And just so all of you know, Dunny made her picks at the last minute for purely superficial reasons. Just goes to show: you should always judge a book by its cover.

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