Recently I got the amazing opportunity to be a food critic for a night. A good friend invited me to go check out Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn and give comments on it for an article she is writing for an undisclosed NY publication (link will be sent when its published). Chef John joined as well and it was a major treat.  Pretty much I was approached with, Hey Tanya you like food and gossip, want a free meal where we can taste everything on the menu and talk about it?  SOLD! End result, one of the best meals I have had in a while in New York.  It is known for its pizza, but honestly while tasty, it was my least favorite item on the menu.  The space was great, and it has a cute outdoor area.  The menu is seasonal, and they grow some of their produce right outside in their garden.

As mentioned previously we ordered almost everything on the menu, so I will only mention the highlights.  The veal sweetbreads were lightly fried and practically melted in your mouth.  They were unbelievable and hands down the best sweetbreads I have ever had.  I could have had like 2 more orders of them. My second favorite item we ate was snap pea salad.  They were mixed with mascarpone puree, pickle ramps, and black garlic sauce.  It is ramp season, so they were highlighted on most of the menu items and were great.  The homemade trofie pasta with oxtail and greens was surprisingly light and very tasty.  The duck egg poached with aged Shelburne cheese and maitake mushroom was amazing and all components went perfectly together.  We also had soft-shell crab lightly battered and fried with spring onion and mint and skirt steak with salsa verde and market greens both incredible.

The meal then ended with this NummyNumNum writer’s photo in the NY Times! This was completely by accident and unrelated to my Roberta’s meal.   It just happened to be that I was browsing a vintage truck while waiting for my car after Roberta’s.  Luckily it was a side profile and no name shot.  Considering I had just eaten about 15 lbs of food and multiple bottles of wine, that night was not the dream night for my NY Times debut.  However, it is a great way to say bye to this amazing city because I am moving to NOLA tomorrow! – ts

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  1. If I didn’t like you and Chef John so much, I would totally HATE YOUR GUTS! A meal like that sounds amazeballs.

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