Food Truck Friday!  It is snowing this lovely first day of April here in NYC. That means it is fried food truck day for me.  Today I finally went to the Taim truck.   You can’t talk to anyone in this city about falafels without their name coming up, so I have been eager to try out their food truck. Taim’s falafels have been written up as best in New York, and recently their truck was named best food truck 2011 by NY Mag.  It always has a long line, but I finally decided to try it out.  
Today’s lunch was HARISSA falafel sandwich.  Luckily I do not have to compare these to Dee’s because they are totally different, a gourmet twist on the traditional if you will.  The harrisa gives the falafels a slightly different taste but not overwhelming and is extremely good.  Actually they are so good that next time I am going to get the falafel platter because it really does not need all the extras that come with the sandwich.   I also ordered the fries with a saffron aioli dipping sauce.  I will have to take a pass on them next time. The fries were soggy and the dipping sauce was ok but overwhelmingly saffron-y. -ts

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