Uncle Gussy’s Greek Truck

This is not a recipe post but a shout out to food trucks! I love them because I love street meat. It was only a matter of time that this concept make it to the states (although NYC has been doing it for a while now), and I am thankful for it.  In New York there is a food truck on almost every block, seriously. Today I tried out a Greek truck called Uncle Gussy’s. I got the lamb gyro pita (photo attached), and it seriously kicked arce.  This place has actually been around for 39 years in Astoria and recently decided to take on the food truck scene.   Oh and the daily specials are made by the owner’s mom; I hear the spanakopita is amaze. If you live in NYC and are around midtown do it!  My meal was only 4 bones. –ts

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  1. I am super jealous of NYC’s food truck scene. I think there’s maybe one guy in Memphis who has a hot dog stand, so that’s promising! I know there are a few in Nashville, and I can’t wait to hit those up this summer. Oh, and you must take me to this one when I come up to visit Joel. And if y’all aren’t having a totally platonic romance yet, you need to be. He’s the tots.

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