Soups On!

When RipleyPickles decided to create this blog, I thought for sure this would be all about soup.  I am shocked that there are only 7 recipes so far as I assume RipleyPickles hoards soup recipes in her spare time.  While I am not posting any actual recipe (although watch out because in the next two weeks I am trying out a few new Pho recipes), this article in NY Times Magazine is great.  I am a big fan of Mark Bittman and utilize his “How to Cook Everything” cookbook more times than necessary.  He recently quit his Minimalist blog, to write a new column for NY Times Magazine.  His first article luckily enough was all about soups.  It is a great read and lesson in the varieties of soup.  Enjoy! -ts

*Since NYT is pretty legit, I should note the picture is Yunhee Kim for The New York Times. Food stylist, Maggie Ruggiero; prop stylist, Deborah Williams

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  1. Fantastic! And no, I’m not hoarding my soup recipes, I just generally don’t go by any when I make them, so it’s hard to put down on blog. Added some links to your post and Mark Bittman’s blog to our blogroll. LUUUUUVIN it.

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