Asian Slaw

The Chef’s Spicy Southwestern Slaw looks amazing, and I will need to try it out.  I thought I would offer up another non mayo slathered alternative to slaw as well.  Mine is more vinegar based, and the key ingredient being Rice Wine Vinegar.  You should be able to find that at any grocery, not just your local ethnic pet store.  All of this is to taste, and there are a ton of optional ingredients to add.  I use this as a side to Chef John’s pulled pork.  Recipe coming soon! -ts

Red cabbage shredded
Package of green shredded cabbage w/carrots
Green onion chopped
dab of Mayo
dash of sugar
1 juice of a lemon or lime
Rice Wine Vinegar
less then a handful of chopped cilantro
Cayenne pepper (optional)
Salt & Pepper (to taste) 

  1. Whisk together in a bowl mayo, sugar, lemon or lime, salt, pepper and cayenne (if using), & vinegar together. 
  2. Pour dressing over cabbage, onion and cilantro and toss.   Taste for additional seasoning. Allow to marinate for at least an hour.

Additional Ingredients:
– chopped jalapeno
– toasted sesame seeds
– almond slivers
– sesame oil
–  finely julienned cucumber

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