Pimento Cheese Toasts

Tanya says: I know everyone has their own version of pimento cheese. I am not trying to force my version on anyone, so feel free to use your favorite pimento cheese recipe. How do you make a heavenly cheese and mayo combination better? Add BREAD and MELT! Enjoy!

1 lb sharp cheddar cheese (white and yellow)
½ lb monteray jack cheese
2-3 oz jars pimento with juice pinch minced garlic
1 half Claussen pickle spear (optional- depends on my mood that day)
4-5 tablespoon mayo- preferably Duke’s
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper to taste
hot sauce to taste (NOT optional, very necessary)
1 baguette

  1. Grate all cheese (small grate), set aside in large mixing bowl
  2. Finely chop pimentos add to small mixing bowl, add juices
  3. Finely grate half of spear (if using) add to small mixing bowl
  4. Combine mayo and spices into small mixing bowl and whisk together
  5. Add dressing to cheese, mix very well and refrigerate
  6. Slice baguette crosswise 1/3 thick and add generous scoops pimento cheese and spread on sliced baguettes, heat in oven (temp about 300-350) for about 2-4 mins until cheese is bubbling and slightly browned.

*for best results make pimento cheese spread in advance and allow to refrigerate for a few hours


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